Return policy

Section 1: Specifying Returnable Items:

At Al Fawala app, we aim to provide the best experience for our customers. The return policy outlines the items that customers can return according to the specified conditions. These items encompass a diverse range of products, including vegetables, fruits, ready-to-eat meals, beverages, and other items offered for sale on our platform.

Section 2: Return Period:

Customers can submit return requests within 24 hours of order delivery. For short shelf-life products like vegetables and fruits, return requests are accepted on the same day of delivery.

Section 3: Specified Return Conditions:

We care about product quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, products intended for return must be in their original condition and unused. Products should be free from defects or damage, and they should arrive in the same condition as received by the customer.

Section 4: Return Procedures:

1. Customers must submit a return request through the app, providing necessary details such as the order number and a photo of the product if required.

2. The customer support team will review the request and the provided data.

3. After confirming compliance with the conditions, a pickup appointment will be scheduled by the dedicated shipping team.

4. The product will be examined by the quality team to ensure it meets the specified conditions.

5. Once the conditions are met, the return will be processed, and the product value will be refunded using the original payment method.

Section 5: Return Costs:

- The delivery team will bear the full return costs if the product's defect or damage is a result of improper storage or occurred during the delivery journey.

- If the product does not match the specifications or images displayed on the app by the seller, the seller will bear all return fees, including any resulting damages or faults.

- In any other case, the consumer bears the return costs, along with any resulting damages or faults.

Section 6: Compensation:

The product value will be refunded using the original payment method used by the customer for the purchase.

Section 7: Inquiries and Technical Support:

We are here to assist you in case of any inquiries or issues related to the return policy. You can reach out to the customer support team through the app or approved communication platforms.

Section 8: Policy Improvement:

We constantly strive to enhance our services and customers' experience. We may modify the return policy from time to time to meet your needs and expectations.

Section 9: Compliance with Laws:

The return policy is designed to be in compliance with local laws, regulations, and consumer protection systems.

Section 10: Contact and Communication:

Feel free to contact the customer support team to ask any questions or voice concerns regarding the return policy. You can reach us through the available communication channels on the app.

The return policy is an integral part of our commitment to provide excellent service and an enjoyable shopping experience for every customer on the Al Fawala app.

Note: Please regularly review the return policy for any new updates or modifications that may occur.

NOTE :If there is any variance in meaning or interpretation between the Arabic version and its English translation, priority shall be given to the Arabic language and its interpretation for the purpose of comprehending the intended meaning and content.