Cancelation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Al Fawala App:

Section 1: Customer Rights for Order Cancellation:

We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and seamless experience for our customers on the Al Fawala app. Hence, we offer customers the right to cancel orders according to the specified terms in the cancellation policy.

Section 2: Cancellation Period:

Customers can cancel orders within a specified timeframe from the order placement. This period may vary based on the type of product and delivery location.

Section 3: Specified Conditions for Cancellation:

1. Customers must submit a cancellation request through the app before the processing and delivery commence.

2. If the product is ready for delivery or has been prepared, the cancellation request might be declined or cancellation charges may apply as per the terms.

Section 4: Cancellation Procedures:

1. Customers should submit a cancellation request through the app and specify the reason.

2. The request will be reviewed by the support team to ensure compliance with the terms.

3. After verification, the order will be canceled, and the customer will be notified.

Section 5: Adherence to Terms:

We are committed to executing cancellation requests according to the specified terms in the cancellation policy. Customers must adhere to these terms and procedures to ensure successful cancellation processing.

Section 6: Inquiries and Technical Support:

We are here to assist you in case of any inquiries or issues related to the cancellation policy. You can reach out to the customer support team through the app or approved communication platforms.

Section 7: Policy Improvement:

We consistently seek to enhance our services and our customers' experience. We may modify the cancellation policy from time to time to meet your needs and expectations.

Section 8: Compliance with Laws:

The cancellation policy is designed to be in compliance with local laws, regulations, and consumer protection systems.

Section 9: Contact and Communication:

Feel free to contact the customer support team to ask any questions or voice concerns regarding the cancellation policy. You can reach us through the available communication channels on the app.


NOTE :If there is any variance in meaning or interpretation between the Arabic version and its English translation, priority shall be given to the Arabic language and its interpretation for the purpose of comprehending the intended meaning and content.

Note: Please regularly review the cancellation policy for any new updates or modifications that may occur.