Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Scope of this Policy:

This policy applies to all users of the Fawala application platform, including sellers and delivery service providers (including delivery request providers), and includes all Fawala services, including our applications, websites, features, and other services (collectively referred to as the "Fawala application"). Please note that your use of the Fawala application is also subject to our Terms of Service.

Information We Collect:

When you use the Fawala application, we collect information you provide, usage information, and device information. We also collect information about you from other sources such as third-party services and optional programs you participate in, which we may

combine with other information we have about you. The following are the types of information we collect about you:

A. Information You Provide to Us:

Account Registration: When you create an account with Fawala, we collect the information you provide to us, such as your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, and payment information. You may choose to share additional information with us for your profile, such as your photo or saved addresses (such as home or work), and set other preferences (such as favorite pronouns).

Driver Information (Delivery): If you submit an application to become a driver, we collect the information you provide in your application, including your name, email address, phone number, date of birth, profile photo, geographical address, government ID (such as social security number), driver's license information, and car insurance information. We collect payment information you provide to us, including bank routing numbers and tax information. Depending on where you intend to drive, we may also request additional information about your business license, permits, or other information related to driving and programs associated with this location. We may need additional information from you later after you become a driver, including identity confirmation information (such as a photo).

Ratings and Reviews: When you rate and provide feedback about sellers or delivery service providers, we collect all information you provide in your feedback.

Communication: When you contact us or we contact you, we collect any information you provide, including the content of messages or attachments you send to us.

B. Information We Collect When You Use the Fawala Application:

Location Information: The Fawala application collects location information (including GPS and Wi-Fi data) differently based on your Fawala application settings and device permissions, and whether you're using the platform as a seller or buyer:

For Sellers: We collect your device's location accurately when you open and use the Fawala application, including when the application is running in the background from the time you request a trip until its completion. The Fawala application also accurately tracks the location of motorcycles and electric bicycles at all times.

For Buyers: We collect your device's location accurately when you open and use the application, including when it's running in the background when you're in buyer mode. We also accurately collect your device's location for a limited time after you exit buyer mode to detect trip statuses and continue collecting it until the reported or detected status is no longer active.

Usage Information: We collect information about your usage of the Fawala application, including trip information such as date, time, destination, distance, route, payment, and whether you used a promo code or referral code. We also collect information about your interactions with our applications and websites, including the pages and content you view and the dates and times of your usage.

Device Information: We collect information about the devices you use to access the Fawala application, including device model, IP address, browser type, operating system version, carrier and manufacturer ID, radio type (such as 4G), your preferences and settings (such as preferred language), app installations, device IDs, advertising identifiers, and push notification tokens. If you're a driver, we also collect sensitive data from your mobile device (such as speed, direction, altitude, acceleration, deceleration, and other technical data).

Cookies, Data Analytics, and Third-Party Technologies: We gather information through the use of "cookies," tracking pixels, data analytics tools like Google Analytics, SDKs, and other third-party technologies to understand your navigation across the Fawala application, your interaction with Fawala ads, enhance your Fawala experience's security, identify common content, improve your experience on the platform, deliver better ads to you on other websites, and retain your preferences. Cookies are small text files placed by web servers on your device; they are designed to store basic information and help websites and applications recognize your browser. We may use session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies disappear after you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain after you close your browser and can be accessed every time you use the Fawala platform. You should review your web browser's settings to modify your cookie settings. Please note that if you delete or refuse cookies from us, you may lose some Fawala platform features.

C. Information We Collect from Third Parties:

Third-Party Services: Third-party services provide us with essential information necessary for the functionality of the Fawala application, in addition to additional services, add-ons, and benefits that enhance your Fawala experience. These third-party services include background verification providers, insurance partners, financial service providers, marketing providers, and other businesses. We obtain basic information about you from these third-party services, 


NOTE :If there is any variance in meaning or interpretation between the Arabic version and its English translation, priority shall be given to the Arabic language and its interpretation for the purpose of comprehending the intended meaning and content.

Note: Please regularly review the privacy policy for any new updates or modifications that may occur